Public schools, high schools, limestone district school board , catholic school board, colleges, and universities, are all within our demographic.

Photobooths can be a great idea to have on the first week of school for all the grade nines as they are getting set to start their high school career. Even for Queen’s frost week! Imagine all the purple people that could show up in the photos! Or career day at St. Lawrence College.

Semi formal dances come along once in a blue moon, same like graduations. It’s not everyday you achieve your goals. It’s a long road to finally get to the next step, and a great opportunity to book a photobooth for such a life achieving accomplishment. Mom and dad would love to get that picture with their graduate. Even your high school friends, a group shot, it might be one of the last times your are all together, why not capture the moment? Pictures printed out on site or choose to directly send them right to your inbox.

We do know how school budgets can be tight . Inquire about booking us for a fundraising event to help raise money for the sports team or library books or more. Book on a mid weekday or off day like ‪SUNDAY to WEDNESDAY‬ and save yourself from blowing the whole budget.

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